Step 3: What’s hurting your hydration???

In my last post, I mentioned how comparing your urine color to lemonade/iced tea can help determine just how hydrated your body really is. And these types of drinks lead into our next step to hydration, what drinks to avoid! Drinks other than water may actually be hurting your hydration goals. Added sugar can be rough on your stomach and digestive system and actually, end up making you even thirstier! Many of those “pick me up” type drinks be it soda, tea, or coffee have lots of caffeine which is a diuretic causing you to lose liquid and can cause increased anxiety in some of our clients. 

I’m not saying you have to cease and desist on all those beverages, but consider that when having one you will actually need to drink more water after. Just don’t get stuck thinking “I’m drinking iced tea, its made with water so I’m staying hydrated!” as water is still important and some may say the most important nutrient of all. Another topic that pops up in our sessions frequently is the relationship between alcohol and hydration. Drinking alcohol can build up toxins in your body over time, it’s a diuretic causing you to lose fluids, and long term frequent use can stop your body from absorbing important nutrients as well as raise your blood sugar. All that to say, moderation is key when it comes to those drinks outside of the good ole H 2 the izzO. 

Ok enough about the importance of hydration! What are some fun tips and tricks to help you stay hydrated? We got you! Check out our next blog post: Step 4 How to hydrate BONUS water bottle review

Take Care, Joanna

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