Step 4: how to hydrate (bonus water bottle review!!)

so how do you stay hydrated then? 

  • Try and make it fun! I truly believe that if it’s a chore most people will see it as one more thing they have to do in life. Instead, make it into a game with some cool apps like Plant Nanny where you get to pick out a cute little plant and you have to water it with every drink you record throughout your day. 
  • Try snacking on water-rich foods like cucumbers, bell peppers, strawberries, lemons, spinach, and celery. Watermelon, umm it has water in the name so you know you can count on it to help hydrate you! Tomatoes not only hydrate but have a number of vitamins like A, C, K, B6, and folate. 
  • Have a fun water bottle. I’m not talking about water bottles with fun pictures on them like adorable little strawberries riding a unicorn. While cute and fun I mean more in how the water bottle actual functions. Nalgene bottles are great for holding lots of water but at least for me, it has become annoying to twist off the cap, slowly sip out of the giant bottle without getting soaked. Half the time I’m simply trying to avoid reacting the winning coach getting dumped by the Gatorade cooler.  I have been obsessed with this Contigo brand auto seal water bottle that for whatever reason makes it super fun to drink by simply pressing a button to drink. It makes it really easy to avoid spills without feeling like your breaking into Fort Knox in order get to that water!

Check out some of our favorite water bottles to keep you super hydrated!

1.) Contigo Autoseal:

I just love the simplicity of pressing a button to sip water instead of twisting off a lid and then sometimes forgetting to tighten said lid which then leaks inside my bag soaking all my things… not that that’s happened to me or anything.


2.) Cactaki Water Bottle:

This one has a lot of bells and whistles! love the strainer on it to infuse flavor with fruits or herbs. I think my favorite part are the labels on the side that show you how much water you should be drinking at certain times of the day.


3.) Pogo Tritan Water Bottle:

This is basically the budget-friendly water bottle. Like the car without power windows, FM radio only, no A/C kinda water bottle. It gets the job done and nothing more. Having said that I think it’s great for under $10.

4.) Beast Tumbler

Some people, myself included, find such satisfaction out of sipping things through a straw. Call me old fashioned but I just feel like I am that teenage girl in a poodle skirt and ribbon in my hair sipping a Coke at the local diner in the 1950s. Maybe not every single time I do but more often than not! So here we have a Yeti like tumbler without the Yeti price. most importantly it comes with a stainless steel straw curved toward your mouth!

What is your favorite water bottle? Comment below and let us know what you think! 🙂

Take Care, Joanna

For more help staying hydrated, schedule an appointment with a registered dietitian at Vita Nutrition services in Collingswood, NJ or online.


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