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Here at Vita we love being involved in our local (Collingswood, NJ) and online community of people trying to make the most of their relationship with food and body. We strive to help people heal, grow, and learn. We often host community pop-ups, school appearances, online classes, and other events to help empower people to take care of their body and mind through good nutrition and healthy attitudes. We'd love if you'd join one of our upcoming nutrition events! To request a presentation at your school or next event, please contact us.

Upcoming events

boo cookies for anti diet culture class

October 25, 2023

Intuitive Eating Class: Boo to diet culture!

What: 6 week online class to teach you some intuitive eating principles and how to implement real change in your life!

Where: Online!

When: October 25 at 6:30PM

Frequency: Once a week for 6 weeks

Cost: First week is FREE then it's pay what you can.