Sports Nutrition

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What if your nutrition could help you reach your goals?

Have you ever felt like there are 10,000 different points of view regarding sports nutrition and you aren't sure where to start? Do you have questions about pre/post movement meals and snacks or whether you should have electrolytes during practice? As an athlete, your body is being broken down with each training session or exercise. This can be great to grow strong and keep you going, but if you aren't fueling properly, you are at risk for sports injuries, hormone dysfunction, and even poor performance at the gym or field.

We understand, and we believe there is hope for food peace, better performance, and a life filled with joyful movement. Our goal isn't just to make sure you are PR-ing on the field, but also to have strong bones, a healthy heart, and a lifetime of a good relationship with food and nutrition.

How We Help...

We provide 1-on-1 support and nutrition counseling for sports nutrition clients. We specialize in teen, college, and adult athletes, as well as active individuals fueling their daily movement. From pre- or post-work-out recovery ideas, to hydration recommendations, and everything between, we are here and happy to help! Our favorite thing is to make performance nutrition feel less like a chore and easier to access, fun to eat, and provide all your macro/micro nutritional needs! 

Before Vita

"I felt like I was plateauing at the gym and tired all day long"

"I felt guilt and shame when I ate, and it was hard for me to focus on my relationships or anything other than food or my body."

"I had horrible gastrointestinal problems during and after runs, and I couldn't figure it out!"

"I had such high calorie needs, because of my sport, and I was anxious about and over-thought about food all the time. Eating felt like a part-time job that I wanted to quit!"

After Vita

"I can now identify triggers that led to a spiral of disordered thoughts and eating habits. I now have the skills to move forward!"

"I understand that food is so much more than just calories, and feeding your body helps your mind, body, and soul."

"I was able to realize I needed to add electrolytes to my pre-work-out meal and have had so much energy since then!"

"I learned through intuitive eating training how to honor my body and realize my intrinsic worth as a person. I am finally finding out how to care for myself and my sport!"