Family Nutrition

Banner picturing mother and son whitch says "maternal & family nutrition"

There are just too many things to do as a mom, and it's easy to put ourselves on the backburner.

Are you a new mother who’s curious about family nutrition for you or your little one? Maybe you’ve got multiple children in tow? Nourishing both yourself and your family can feel like a chore, especially with the never ending to-do lists.

You struggle to know what foods are best to purchase at the grocery stores, how to find tasty recipes, and plan wholesome meals. On top of that, introducing new foods to your children can be tricky, and at times, defeating. Here at Vita, we believe that each mother is a unique individual that needs to be cared for, and each family is special too!

How our family nutrition counseling can help...

We provide 1-on-1 support and nutrition counseling for fertility, expecting mothers, new mothers, and mothers of many. We help women with family nutrition to find what works the best for them and their families.

From providing nutritious meal ideas for picky toddlers and tips for packing healthy school lunches to supporting new moms recovering from pregnancy, we can help you include healthy, nourishing, and simple foods on your family’s weekly menu.

Before Vita

"I was overwhelmed with information about what to feed my little ones and what to avoid."

"My schedule is chaotic, and I don’t have the time or energy to cook healthy meals."

"I don’t know how to find good recipes or plan well-rounded meals that are easy."

"I literally have no idea what to make my family for dinner that everyone will eat!"

After Vita

"Working with a Vita Dietitian helped me to sort through all of the information and made me feel empowered to determine what is best for myself and my children."

"I now plan my meals and grocery shop efficiently and effectively so I can spend more quality time with my family."

"I now have a collection of recipes my family loves, and I feel confident to get creative in the kitchen."

"I learned through intuitive eating training how to honor my body and realize my intrinsic worth as a person. I am finally finding out how to care for myself!"