Intuitive Eating & Eating Disorders

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Its time to stop struggling and finally find freedom with food.

Are you someone who struggles with restricting foods that society has told you are “bad”? Do you ever feel guilty after binging on these foods? Diet culture noise is not easy to turn off, and neither are the disordered thoughts about food or our bodies.

You’ve learned to view foods as “good” or “bad” and you feel guilt or shame when eating. You’ve desperately tried to control how your body looks, and despite the changes, you never seem to feel satisfied. You’re at war with food and your body, and it is taking away your ability to be present and enjoy your life. We understand, and we believe there is hope for food freedom, body acceptance, and a life of joy.

How We Help...

Before Vita

"I felt like I was stuck in harmful behaviors, tired, and alone."

"I felt guilt and shame when I ate, and it was hard for me to focus on my relationships or anything other than food or my body."

"I felt defeated when I looked in the mirror. No matter the changes that occurred, I was never happy with how I looked."

"I had stomach, migraines, and body image issues. It feels like no matter what I try, nothing works."

After Vita

"I can now identify triggers that led to a spiral of disordered thoughts and eating habits. I now have the skills to move forward!"

"I understand that food is so much more than just calories, and feeding your body helps your mind, body, and soul."

"I am now able to look at my body with thankfulness and care instead of something to be fixed."

"I learned through intuitive eating training how to honor my body and realize my intrinsic worth as a person. I am finally finding out how to care for myself!"