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This nutrition counseling blog is meant to aid you in your journey of having a thriving relationship with your body and food. The information is not meant to be medical advise, so always make sure to check with a qualified medical provider and registered dietitian to see what is best for you. With that being said, we'd love to hear from you in the comments and see how you are implementing the eating disorder advice, meal planning, and other blog posts.

Turkey meal for Thanksgiving

How to use the Hunger Scale During the Holidays

November 16, 2023

Holidays can be hard. Holiday feasts can bring up mixed emotions for many. Some people look forward to the food more than they look forward to seeing their family! Others are busy planning feast preparations and eager to show off …

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Delicious holiday feast

5 Mindful Eating Tips to Enjoy Holiday Meals

October 27, 2023

Fall has arrived and the holidays are fast approaching! While the coming months are meant to be a time for joyous celebrations, it can be difficult to navigate your relationship with food during the holiday season because sadly, diet culture …

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picture of Brooke Grossman registered dietitian and Intuitive eating counselor

What is a certified intuitive eating counselor?

October 19, 2023

What is a certified intuitive eating counselor? This is a health professional who teaches his or her clients intuitive eating principles on their journey toward a healthy relationship with food and improved health. In order to get the intuitive eating …

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Woman with eating disorder eating

Debunking 5 Myths about Eating Disorders

October 5, 2023

Like many other disorders, eating disorders are often misunderstood. Confusion and misinformation about eating disorders are widespread so it’s important to learn how to spot false assumptions. What are some common myths about eating disorders? Keep reading to find out! …

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Man comforting woman with an eating disorder over coffee

How to Support Someone With an Eating Disorder

September 14, 2023

How Can i help someone with an eating disorder? When someone shares that they have an eating disorder, treat that information with the same respect and compassion that you would if someone confided that they were struggling with depression or …

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woman eating intuitively as she relaxes in bed

10 Principles of Intuitive Eating and How to Live it

August 31, 2023

We’ve given a short overview of intuitive eating before, but we thought it was about time for more of a deep dive into the intuitive eating principles. If you are interested in learning how to incorporate these intuitive eating principles …

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skinny woman with Anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder

What is Anorexia Nervosa & How to Spot it?

August 17, 2023

What is anorexia nervosa? Anorexia Nervosa is a pattern of behavior and feelings that the DSM-5 classifies as an eating disorder. Someone suffering from an eating disorder can’t be put in a box, and there’s no exception for Anorexia Nervosa. …

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woman in a dietitian therapy appointment

Where Therapy & Dietitian Care Collide

August 3, 2023

How are therapy and dietitian care related? One of our biggest referrals are from therapists Why is that? Because mental health plays a big part in your relationship with food and body image. It’s not a matter of will power …

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Mother talking with son as they eat dinner together

How to teach kids nutrition

July 13, 2023

Why is kids nutrition so important? Kids’ nutrition is important because it’s the foundation for a healthy future of caring for their body and loving food. Let me paint a picture for you; You attend your friend’s birthday party where …

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Woman eating intuitive eating

What is Intuitive Eating?

July 6, 2023

What is intuitive eating…And why does it matter? Intuitive eating is the antithesis of diet culture. Instead of constantly suppressing your appetite and eating foods that make you cringe like a diet would have you do, intuitive eating is about …

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