Registered Dietitian in Virginia

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Looking for a registered dietitian in Virginia? Here at Vita Nutrition Services we understand how important good nutrition is, and we also know how hard and overwhelming it can feel to start taking control of your health.

All of our dietitian appointments in Virginia are virtual. To learn more or to schedule an appointment click here.

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Dietitian Specializations

Vita Nutrition Services offers the following dietitian care to residents of Virginia. Whether you are fueling your sport, or are looking for disease prevention, we'd love to help you meet your nutrition and health goals.

Our values

Good health isn't a number on the scale or your BMI. Good health isn't just physical either, it's emotional and mental too. So therefore shouldn't dietitian care reflect that?

  1. Intuitive eating principles
  2. emotional support
  3. Practical tools
  4. Realistic goals
  5. Anti-diet practices
  6. No shaming, and no judgement
  7. science-based nutrition
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Vita Nutrition Services offers virtual dietitian appointments to residents of Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and California.