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Here at Vita, we really strive for client-centered care and these client testimonials will attest to that. We won't just give you a generic set of goals and tell you to be on your merry way. We'll work with you to create goals that make sense for your health and lifestyle and cultivate a healthy mindset around body image and food.

"Joanna takes the time to get to know her clients and their needs. I highly recommend her!"

-Vita Client

"Very caring, personable, organized, and can make difficult things easy to understand.  They take time to ensure that I am comfortable with what they trying to communicate and that I understand it."

-Vita Client

"My Dietitian was a wonderful, positive, and cheerful personality with excellent communication skills.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and conscientious.  She is reliable and takes pride in her work."

-Vita Client

It felt like a therapy session I felt so comfortable with Joanna. I grew up with such a weird diet culture from my family and am still working on my toxic relationship with food, but Joanna was so helpful with identifying triggers and helping me gain a better understanding of food to fuel my body.

- Vita Client 


My dietitian was so thoughtful, brilliant and so encouraging. She provides incredible support that has a lasting impact even after your appointment. When I came to the session, I was completely broken. I had very rigid thinking and a unhealthy relationship with food. She really helped me to understand that food is fuel and feeding your body helps your mind, body, and soul. I sincerely can't tell you how grateful I am for my RD. I never thought I could get to this place and I could never have done it without her.

-Vita Client

Working with Joanna is normal- there’s no shame involved. I’m trying to learn to be normal about food and my weight. Joanna is so warm and judgment-free. She is that supportive advisor as I shift my mindset towards food which is amazing and scary but the small steps are starting to become a habit.

Vita Nutrition and Joanna have helped me develop a holistic, comprehensive approach to nutrition and wellness. I highly recommend Vita Nutrition and Joanna! I was so hesitant to see a dietician when I was initially referred by my doctor because I thought my nutrition plan would be steeped in traditional diet culture - something to the effect of no carbs, no sugar, no fat. Nothing could be further from the truth at Vita! Joanna helps me incorporate all of the foods I love and has even helped me find movement and exercise that I am passionate about. She is empathetic, caring, and so easy to talk to. In between visits, her Instagram posts provide extra encouragement, recipe ideas, and positivity that is absolutely invaluable. Joanna has truly been a guiding force in my life over the past year.

-Vita Nutrition 

I always feel more comfortable with myself after a session with Joanna. I'm able to let go of some useless worry. Together, we come up with goals to focus on that are attainable for me.

-Vita Client 

Productive and supportive nutrition visits that focus on individual client needs rather than a cookie-cutter plan. I have been working with Joanna for 6 years. Over this time, both she and I have grown as individuals and in our client-patient relationship. Joanna consistently brings ideas to our meetings that help support me in my goals. She offers suggestions and then is willing to tailor those suggestions to meet my individual needs. Joanna has not only helped me focus on my nutrition goals but also movement and stress management goals. We work together to create goals that are measurable and attainable. She stresses focusing on whole-body health and not just the foods you are consuming. Joanna is supportive and caring, and I will always recommend her to friends and family.

-Vita Client 

Our values

What makes Vita stick out? We offer science-based nutrition with a weight-neutral approach. We are anti-diet, and instead focused more on wholistic care.

Practical, emotional, & physical care

We offer practical tools, strategies and realistic goals. Our counseling is compassionate, and sensitive to your emotional struggles. Whether you are struggling with an eating disorder, mommy guilt, or overwhelmed by the pressure of eating well we will listen and offer advice free from judgement or shame.

Last but not least, we help you care for your physical needs. We will work with you, and your doctor (when needed) to make medically informed, healthy goals that make sense for your body and lifestyle.

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