Looking for a Registered Dietitian in Collingswood NJ?

Come see a registered dietitian with Vita Nutrition Services in Collingswood, NJ to start taking control of your health. It can feel impossible to find a dietitian who you trust, and fits your needs. Here at Vita Nutrition Services, we value intuitive eating and a more holistic approach to nutrition. Unlike many dietitians, we do not fixate on a number on the scale. Healthy eating is about so, so so much more than just weight! We also have a variety of specializations so we can match you with a dietitian to help you with your unique health goals.

You can see a registered dietitian or nutrition coach at our office in Collingswood, NJ or online.

General Wellness & Disease Prevention

Intuitive Eating & Eating Disorder Treatment

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Sports Nutrition, & Fueling your Sport

Maternal, Baby/Lactation Support & Family Nutrition

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We focus on three areas

We have found there are 3 areas that prevent people from eating healthy and caring for their body. Working with one of our registered dietitians can help you become practically able to care for your health, have the know-how, and foster healthy thoughts about food and body image.


Do you know what foods are right for your body?

We offer science-based nutrition recommendations to fuel your body and mind. We can help you with gastrointestinal conditions, heart disease, food allergies, inflammation, immunology, and women's health (Gestational DM, PCOS lactation consulting, etc).


Do you struggle with disordered eating or food anxieties?

We work with eating disorders and disordered eating, counseling you toward a healthy relationship with food and body image. We are anti-diet and encourage intuitive eating.


Do you know how to practically eat well?

Our registered dietitians help you form practical skills that work with your schedule and lifestyle. We will help you with meal planning and scheduling so that you can prioritize eating well, while not neglecting other priorities.

Book your appointment with a registered dietitian now and take control of your health!

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