Collingswood NJ eating disorder therapists

Looking for an eating disorder therapist in Collingswood NJ?

We got you! Vita Nutrition Services is a team of highly skilled nutrition counselors that offer a wholistic approach to counseling. While other dietitians and nutritionists often focus on weight loss and routine our team in Collingswood, NJ focus on science-based nutrition, in a space that feels like a cozy living room. We care about our clients and want to make sure you are getting the best information to help you as you struggle with your eating disorder, and help you establish a healthy relationship with food.

Work with a skilled, down-to-earth counselor who's right for you. You can see our team here. 

We offer in-person eating disorder therapy at our location in Collingswood, NJ. As well as virtual therapy to anyone located in NJ or PA.

We take insurance! We have paired up with AMSS Billing Services to make that process as easy as possible.

Image of woman eating with her family

Eating disorder therapy doesn't have to be scary

We get it, starting therapy with someone new can be daunting, but it's worth it.

Whether you've done therapy for an eating disorder or disordered eating before or not, we care about making you feel comfortable. You can come into our office in Collingswood, NJ or do a virtual appointment if that's more comfortable for you!

We want to give you the tools to help you practically implement changes into your life while cultivating a healthy relationship with food.

If you're still feeling a little uneasy about eating disorder therapy, please book a free consultation with us to see if we are a good fit for you!