Body Image Counseling & Eating Disorder Therapy

Online Body Image Counseling

Vita Nutrition Services offers body image and eating disorder counseling with a therapy-informed approach. Our counseling sessions are online or in-person at our Collingswood, NJ location.

Registered Dietitians with specialties in Eating disorders and Intuitive Eating

Get online body image counseling in over 10 states. Check here to see where we service.

We accept most major insurance agencies and you don't have to have an eating disorder diagnosis. See what insurance we work with here.

Woman with body image issues stepping onto a scale

Body Image or Eating Disorder Counseling Doesn't Need to Be Scary

If you're not sure if body image counseling with us is the right fit for you, check out our FAQ page or contact us with any questions you have. We offer free consultations where we can answer your questions.